October 1, 2023



Our final tour of Europe ended in Madrid. We, of course, visited the Museo Nacional del Prado. I only got a few pictures before we learned this is simply not allowed. Shame, as there were so, so many amazing paintings and sculptures. 

Federico de Madrazo, 1835

We also went to a Flamenco show. You may recall that I majored in dance,
so this was a must-do while we were in Spain!

So good, check out the video below!

The next day, we spent the morning wandering the old district of Madrid.

We made a quick stop by the cathedral.

tiny horse!

We also managed to fit in a tour of the Royal Palace of Madrid.
Most of this was restricted from photography as well,
but a few areas were allowed.

I learned Spanish as a young missionary for my church in my 20's.
One of the highlights was buying these beautiful little pottery bowls
from a shop vendor, conducting the entire transaction in
my very rusty Spanish! 

And thus concluded our European adventure. 
Audrey and I flew back to Dublin for the night,
then flew home the next day. 

September 29, 2023

Picasso Museum


Before we left Barcelona, we made sure to stop by the Picasso Museum

I was duly impressed with his work ethic. He was a very prolific artist. I also gained a better appreciation for his artistic journey and how his life experiences shaped his art. 

When you first walk in, you are met by an entire wall filled with his sketches. Horse spotted!

There were several landscapes

and even some portrait work.

many sketches, which showed an excellent understanding of the
human form and gesture

his subject matter was more diverse than I realized!

sketch of a horse

so much emotion in his pieces

There was a film playing of a dance that had been recorded.
You can see the Picasso mask on the horse pretty well in this shot. 
Picasso may have done the set or the costumes or both, sorry I don't recall!


The pigeon series were some of my favorites!


his later work is the style he is most recognized for