August 16, 2022


I have worked at Yale for just over a year now. I've previously been to both the YUAG and YCBA, but today one of our coworkers offered a tour of campus to those of us hired during the pandemic. I couldn't resist taking a few photos as I spotted HSOs in various spots on campus. I've thrown in a few other pictures of things I found fun and interesting. Enjoy!

Entryway to an enclosed outdoor patio at the Sterling Memorial Library (SML)
with a horse flanking each side

Ironwork horse detail

Stonework in the SML
The book he's reading says U.R.A.JOKE
Apparently, the stone masons even sculpted each other!

Stained glass in the entry of SML
look closer...

Lots of history is captured in the stained glass, wood, and stone carvings
throughout the SML. There is SO much to see.

This is Sherlock Holmes on the Sterling Law Building

This stained glass is in the new Humanities Quadrangle (HQ)

Snowflake Stained Glass - so pretty!

Dodo, because why not?

This one (and the snowflake) appear more modern to me, but much of the HQ
did capture the older vibe of most of Yale's buildings. 

Case in point... Detail on the ceiling of a room in the HQ

Another HSO detail on the painted ceiling

More of the ceiling, again, sooo much to see!

Critters carved on a stone pillar in a hall of the HQ
Love the rabbit!  details, details everywhere!

This is the building where the Skull & Bones Secret Society meets.
There are no windows on the other walls.

Check out the padlocks on the door!