April 27, 2010

Rockwell Featured in DVD at Auction

This lovely fellow is listed at body price with no reserve! He comes with a current NAN card in breed, as well as a complimentary The Art of Pastel: Bay DVD. Who wouldn't want a movie star in their collection?

Auction Link

If the link doesn't work, you can find him under the Artist Resin category on Auction Barn.

April 21, 2010

New DVDs Are Here!

The new DVDs are here and ready to ship. And all titles are now back in stock. If you haven't had a chance to see these yet, consider adding one or two or all to your library. They offer a step-by-step tutorial on the topic covered. Additional titles will be forthcoming. Current titles available are:

The Art of Prepping

The Art of Pastel: Bay

The Art of Pastel: Dapple Grey

The Art of Mixed Media: Chestnut Tobiano

The Art of Mixed Media: Leopard Appaloosa

Order directly from the website: http://feldmanstudio.com/store

Postage will be calculated for you based on the number of DVDs you purchase, just choose your location from the drop down list at checkout.

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered DVDs. They are mailing out today!

April 16, 2010

Studio Tour

Studio in Malvern, PA

The studio has expanded over time, I added a bookcase this time around. That's a dangerous game to play. If you have shelf space, you will fill it! I did manage to go through my stack of reference magazines before we moved and tore out the pages that were interesting. Of course, now I have a stack of loose magazine pages that need to be sorted and bound in binders...

Other new additions are the indoor/outdoor rug so I don't ruin the carpet and the airbrush compressor I mentioned in an earlier post.

I wish I had more pictures of all the studio spaces I've set up over the years. I have pictures of the "basement studio" in my parent's house, but that would require getting the scanner set up... And I really wish I had a photo of the "corner studio" I set up in my college apartment. I had a private bedroom and found a neat corner desk at Deseret Industries (similar to Good Will).

And I don't think I ever took a good picture of my last studio space in IL, though you can catch glimpses of it when visitors came over here and here.

Studio in Bloomingdale, IL

This little nook of a studio was on the kitchen table in our little apartment. I had the one shelf where I left things out and everything else got packed away each time. Not the most productive time, but I also had a new baby while we lived here.

Studio in Terre Haute, IN
This was a built-in desk that I used and the shelves were great up high. Audrey was a toddler while we lived here and the horses survived. I've since invested in the magnetic tot loks for my IKEA bookshelves now that my second, Andy, is getting older.

Just goes to show that you can make do with whatever space you have available. I'd love to hear comments about how some of you have found creative ideas for making a space suitable.

April 15, 2010

Future DVDs...

Collection of the Artist

So, now that the next 2 DVDs are being produced, I'm thinking ahead to what else might be of interest to all of you. I do have a handful started that need some additional footage, such as The Art of Detail Painting: Eyes, Hooves and Teeth. This one covers brown, blue, and mixed eyes, shell, dark, and striped hooves, teeth, chestnuts, shoes, and pads. I will then follow up with another detail painting DVD capturing other details, but am not completely sure what to feature - maybe dapples, fleabites, roaning techniques... Ideas? What would you like to see?

Another DVD that has been started is The Art of Customizing: Manes, Tails and Feathers. I may do a couple customizing DVDs as well. The first will be removing and sculpting manes, tails, braided manes and tails, feathers, and using armatures for tails and manes. I also would like to cover twitching an ear, rebuilding an ear, repairing a broken leg and maybe tucking a neck or moving a limb. What would you most like to see?

Some additional colors I thought about are The Art of Pastel: Dun. This would cover all the primitive markings, as well as dappling on a solid horse. Pastels really lend themselves well to duns, grullas, and other dilutes, in my opinion.

And I could do another mixed media DVD, maybe a blue rabicano roan sabino? Or varnish appy? Thoughts? Or would you rather see a compilation of many colors touching on the highlights of each, like champagne, silver bay, roans, etc.

Please feel free to post a comment here, send me an email or add to the discussion thread on facebook. I would love to hear from you!

April 6, 2010



Finished up the bulk of work on the Tobiano DVD today. I am trying really hard to get these done before the Dell man comes to dismantle my computer again. Looks like they're really going to put out all the stops to get this laptop running stable again. But, I really don't want to lose the downtime until I get everything reinstalled now that I've gotten some momentum going.

I have the Bay DVD also just about ready. Tomorrow I'll start on the Details DVD. Andrew started day care, so that has been a huge lift to my productivity. Of course, a new job could be right around the corner any day (fingers crossed), so I'm trying to make the most of my time by finishing up these long over-due DVDs. Thanks to everyone for your patience. I hope they will be worth the wait.

April 2, 2010


The Art of Pastel: Bay
I have been editing footage for the next batch I will be releasing. The Bay DVD is just about done with work on two more to go. And believe it or not, Dell will be replacing my hard drive for the 3rd time! I really want to get these done before that happens. Wish me luck!

On a side note, I will be offering the Rockwell resin featured in the Bay DVD for sale in the near future. Sneak peek shot above.