October 10, 2021

The Nudist Colony and Good Intentions


Like most artists, I have an ever-changing (and ever-growing) collection of unpainted resins. I took this photo earlier this year. Since then some have been sold and even more added. Realistically I will never have time to paint them all. And there are several I do not feel my skills are worthy enough to paint yet (I see you Lucius and Azham). Some of them are in various stages of customizing when I got stalled out. I've definitely gotten picker over the years. I won't just buy an unpainted resin because it's a good deal anymore. I only buy what I love and/or can show in performance (preferably both criteria!).

I signed up for Heather Bullach's dapple grey oil painting workshop that starts later this month. She recommended we work in traditional scale, so I looked over the group and I think I'd like to paint this guy.

He is a model I started many years ago (ten years plus, cough) with a Carol Williams Valor body and a Brigitte Eberl Replay head and neck. He still needs some sculptural tweaking and a full prep job. I'm supposed to bring a basecoated model to the class, which means I have until next Saturday to get him fully prepped. I may have gotten distracted this past week by Anne Field's show and my bathroom demo is a long way from done (next Saturday the drywall is supposed to be going up). I work full-time and we're in the office twice a week now, so there is even less downtime in the evenings (should I have energy at the end of the day). Sometimes working towards a deadline is just the push I need, but more often than not my plans are more ambitious than reality (case in point, see nudist colony pictured above). 

July 17, 2021

Breyerfest 2021 Sales!


Top to Bottom
Ollie as a floofy zebra pegasus with shimmery lavender wings
Tiorra as a rainbow inspired unicorn with tie-dye bear
Tilly in palomino tobiano with pastel tie-dye bear

The Breyerfest 2021 theme "Horse of a Different Color" was an inspiration for these babies! They are being offered at auction for 24 hours only with a reserve and Buy-It-Now. All are different variations of Kylee Park's adorable sleepy foal resin, with Tilly and Tiorra being some of the very limited runs of approximately 25 each! Auctions end Sunday, July 18th at 3pm EDT. Time payments are available. 


June 30, 2021

2021 NaMoPaiMo Prize


2021 NaMoPaiMo Prize

With all the crazy of wrapping up my chicken show, I haven't had a chance to post about my NaMoPaiMo prize. Jennifer sent stickers and medallions as prizes to the winners of the NaMoPaiMo class in Why the Chicken Crossed the Road and told me that my prize was included. And what a prize it is!. Thank you Jennifer Buxton for sending me this awesome prize and thank you Kenzie Williamson for donating this cool medallion. It is Kram by Anastasia Khlebnikova. I love that Jennifer sent me a drafter medallion for my little drafter foal I completed for NaMoPaiMo this year. 

NaMoPaiMo 2021