March 31, 2016

The Met - Degas' Sculptures

I am drawn to Degas' art, largely due to its subject matter, but also there is a raw sense of reality in his work. I published a paper as an undergrad dance major at BYU on his ballet paintings, and the juxtaposition of a graceful dancer tucking in her laces or scratching her back are timeless and charming. I had not had the opportunity to see his equine sculptures in person before our trip to The Met and I really enjoyed these sculptural sketches of gesture and form.

March 30, 2016

The Met - Equine Art

Wolf and Fox Hunt by Peter Paul Rubens, circa 1616
I didn't get as many pictures of paintings on our trip to The Met, as we were getting pretty tired by this point, but I did happen to snap a few pictures of some lovely works. I had no idea that The Horse Fair by Bonheur (next 3 images below) was so huge! There was also a lovely display of Degas' equine sculptures that will get post all their own.

The Horse Fair by Rosa Bonheur, circa 1852-1855

Ernest Meissonier by Lyons French, circa 1807

Bronze by Antoine-Louis Barye, circa 1840's

March 29, 2016

The Met - Armor and Saddles

 The craftsmanship of the armor and historical tack at the Met is beautiful. It is all kept in glass cases, which makes getting great photos with an iPhone a little tricky, but I hope that you can enjoy the beauty of these pieces and maybe even find use for them as reference photos. Some of the photos include the descriptive cards. If you click on the photo, it will blow it up and hopefully you can read the descriptions.