May 25, 2011

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

I finally finished a few fences to share. The one above is the one for me, but I decided to make several more to offer for sale. These are just quick photos; the lighting is a little washed out. I still have the lantern style ones to finish, as I had to order more supplies. I am posting these here first and sending the link to Facebook, so if any readers of my blog/Facebook would like first dibs, drop me an email at Price is $150 each, plus shipping.

All fences are hand-crafted with support pegs for strength. They are assembled in one piece and do not come apart. The faux finishes are textured to resemble actual stone/stucco and have been sealed with multiple layers of fixative. The miniature flowers are crafted in clay to resemble real flowers in miniature, in perfect scale for traditional scale model horses. They are permanently attached to the base, but the stems are bendable to reposition slightly as needed. Fences are reversible with a non-flower side on the back for a simpler presentation. With the exception of the stucco fence, all trim wraps around with mitered joints. "Wrought iron" is actually plastic and should be handled with care. These are not toys and should be handled appropriately to preserve their beauty.

You can click on an image for a larger view - then hit your browser's back button to return.

Rosy Slat & Irises Fence - Finished in a slat-style stone finish in a rosy color. Flowers are pale blue and yellow irises on tall stems, and pink, yellow, and white poppies in a bed of green ferns. Very fresh and spring-like color combination. 6 inches high, base is 22 1/8 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide.

Grey Stone & Blue Bonnets Fence - Natural grey stone with large white trim. Flowers are impressive blue bonnets, white frilly flowers, and two shades of pink daisies in a bed of green leaves. 6 inches high, base is 20 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide.

Stucco & Forget-Me-Nots Fence - Multi-tonal stucco in warm earth tones with extra white trim on the front only under the ledge and along the bottom. Blue forget-me-nots, white daisies, pink pansies, and an assortment of other pink shaded flowers on a bed of green leaves really compliment the stucco finish. 6 inches high, base is 20 inches long, 2 inches wide.

back of fence:

Red Brick & Geraniums - Red brick with crown molding trim and ornate wrought iron. Perky red and white geraniums on a bed of green leaves give this a classy look. 6 inches high, base is 22 1/8 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide. THIS ONE IS SOLD.

I've been getting questions about what the lantern style look like, so here is an in progress shot. One is the stone finish and the other is a cream over black stucco with baseboard trim and the ornate irons. (The red brick lantern style will be staying with me). Price on these will also be $150 even though they were much more complicated to construct.

May 24, 2011

MOVING SALE on DVDs - While Supplies Last

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Also, The Art of Pastel: Bay is still on sale for only $15.
~While supplies last~

Order directly through the website at the link above, sale prices will be automatically calculated for you during the sale.

May 23, 2011


This is the current state of my studio - yikes! There just isn't room to work on so many projects at once or chaos ensues - resin dust gets into epoxy and pastel dust gets all over everything! You can see my video set-up, including the high powered photo lamps. It gets so hot working under them I can only take it a little at a time. And I had one bulb blow up on me once, so I am a little leery. I have the scar on my forearm - the things we do for our art.

I've decided to finish up the fences (they can be seen on the far right). This will give me some table space and some mind space to pull something else out. I don't like to allow anything to interfere with work on commissions; I detest having people wait on me. However, I've learned that the artistic muse cannot be denied and forcing myself to work on something when I'm not inspired (or inspired in a totally different direction), can be counter-productive. So, the fences win this time. Really, though, they take up a whole table and I need to sell and ship them before we move.

Each fence is one-of-a-kind, so I am thinking of selling them on Etsy. I think it might be a fresh new venue for this kind of thing. Thoughts?

And a good portion of the resins in my cabinet have been posted for sale on MH$P. Take a look.

May 6, 2011


It has been a long and grueling semester and is now behind me. We are moving to Connecticut at the end of June, but until then (minus the packing and planning), I will be creating! Oh the joy!

I have some lovely things in progress for some very patient customers: a dapple grey Nahar and Indian Silver, a pinto Pixie and a custom Working Girl.

And I have those fences I mentioned in an earlier post. It has been a learning experience trying to make some of them with working lanterns and realistic stone and brick finishes. I found some lovely in-scale flowers to adorn them with. There are different styles, lengths and colors and no 2 are alike. At least 5 or 6 will be offered for sale. They still have a ways to go and I think I might need to order some more trim, but it is has been a fun side project that I could play around with without the worry of perfectly rendering realistic equine coats.

The demand for quality DVD instruction is still there, so I hope to offer a few new titles on some new subject matter, as well as additional instruction on some old favorites. You'll just have to wait and see. The reference photos project is still on the bench. I will be snapping oodles of photos at a couple events this summer and then hope to wrap that up to offer.

Sales pieces are also in the back of my mind. I have a slew of Weather Girls, some other plastics and several resins that may hit the workbench. I got a new micro airbrush and air turbine dremel that I have yet to try out!

Right before our move, I will happily be attending an AAEA sculpting workshop, almost in my back yard. I have so many ideas I'd love to see produced in sculpture. I'm sure this will reignite that flame!

Of course, my ambitions always exceed my actual abilities to finish all these projects, so wish me luck!