May 6, 2011


It has been a long and grueling semester and is now behind me. We are moving to Connecticut at the end of June, but until then (minus the packing and planning), I will be creating! Oh the joy!

I have some lovely things in progress for some very patient customers: a dapple grey Nahar and Indian Silver, a pinto Pixie and a custom Working Girl.

And I have those fences I mentioned in an earlier post. It has been a learning experience trying to make some of them with working lanterns and realistic stone and brick finishes. I found some lovely in-scale flowers to adorn them with. There are different styles, lengths and colors and no 2 are alike. At least 5 or 6 will be offered for sale. They still have a ways to go and I think I might need to order some more trim, but it is has been a fun side project that I could play around with without the worry of perfectly rendering realistic equine coats.

The demand for quality DVD instruction is still there, so I hope to offer a few new titles on some new subject matter, as well as additional instruction on some old favorites. You'll just have to wait and see. The reference photos project is still on the bench. I will be snapping oodles of photos at a couple events this summer and then hope to wrap that up to offer.

Sales pieces are also in the back of my mind. I have a slew of Weather Girls, some other plastics and several resins that may hit the workbench. I got a new micro airbrush and air turbine dremel that I have yet to try out!

Right before our move, I will happily be attending an AAEA sculpting workshop, almost in my back yard. I have so many ideas I'd love to see produced in sculpture. I'm sure this will reignite that flame!

Of course, my ambitions always exceed my actual abilities to finish all these projects, so wish me luck!


  1. you are moving again?! you're supposed to be moving closer to the West, not further away. :) but I bet it will be beautiful. you are definitely keeping busy. I wish I could help you out. thanks for the update and good luck with everything!

  2. Yes, I am so ready to put down roots somewhere... Thanks for the well wishes, it is much appreciated!