January 31, 2017


Thanks to Jen Buxton for this motivating event! NaMoPaiMo has taken on a life of it's own - with well over 200 participants! February has now become National Model Painting Month! From beginners to professionals, it's a great group to motivate everyone to paint and complete a model in the month of February. February is especially challenging given it's one of my busier times of year in public accounting, but I'm going to give it a shot. Brenda Bednar's show in early March is also motivation to have a new face ready to show. It's the first show in awhile in Region X that has the Artist Resin breed and workmanship on a Saturday, so I'm super excited! Showing around here is so awesome that most of the shows are a two-day affair. Since Sunday is my Sabbath, that means I'm showing in the AR/CM performance division on Saturdays (not that I'm complaining!).

Little Oliver was chosen as he's little, I have no painted pony foals, and he was mostly prepped (allowed in the rules). I plan to paint him a bay or chestnut tobiano in pastels and acrylics. I think he'll make a cute little Chicoteague pony! Wish me luck!