May 8, 2022

NEMHC 2022

Top Ten Custom Breed

Nancy Timm put on a great show yesterday, New England Model Horse Club (NEMHC), in Winchendon, Mass. It was wonderful to see friends again, see all their new lovelies, judge a little performance, and bring some new faces to show. 

Bert & Ernie
Custom Workmanship Callbacks

Bert & Ernie were my first ever Breyerfest Customs Contest entries. This was my first chance to take them to a live show. So pleased with how they did!


Argh, so blurry! I finally finished one of the micros I started painting for NaMoPaiMo last year
This little guy is one of my favorite micro sculptures. He's a Maggie Bennett Dosh.


Shane Langbauer of Wiggle Workz Studios hosted a medallion division at NEMHC. This is Pansy, he was a NaMoPaiMo prize a few years ago. I LOVED painting the flowers on this one. Denise Gimarro sculpted this adorable medallion, but I don't know what he's called. 


This lovely medallion, Kram by Anastasia Khlebnikova, was also a NaMoPaiMo prize. I painted him this past month during Shane's amazing roaning and details workshop. If she offers the workshop again, I highly recommend it. She does a great job of explaining how to use different media and the techniques to achieve her gorgeous finish work. 

Rebel Just For Kicks

Tickled pink that Rebel Just For Kicks did well in the Custom Paint class. I finally finished his magnetic hunter tail so that he looked presentable. Still working on all his other "wigs"...


Last, but not least, Zollie won Champion Medallion. Thank you Shane for the amazing prizes! She customized the travel pouch with her Cricut and awarded this lovely Nova medallion she painted. I am blown away! 

You may remember Zollie. He was offered at auction a couple times but didn't meet his reserve. I guess he was too sleepy to fly away from home. While he's been napping, the storm has cleared, and a rainbow appeared. Feels just a little bit symbolic...

If you'd like to see many more photos of the show, I posted an album on Facebook