July 31, 2012

Breyers at Blackberry Farm

Imagine my delight to find these miniature scale replicas in the Carriage and Farm Museums of Blackberry Farm (see previous posts for lots of photos). I wonder how long they've been there and who made them? Some of the models are flocked, maybe from Reigseckers? Judging by the models used (honey bay FAS anyone?), I think they've been there for many years. :)

July 30, 2012

Blackberry Farm's Blacksmith Shop

In addition to the lovely carriage museum featured in the past several blog postings, Blackberry Farm also offers additional museums, pony rides, a carousel, animals, and other 19th century artifacts,  including this period Blacksmith Shop. We missed the blacksmith demonstration, but I found the assortment of paraphernalia fascinating. The final post about Blackberry Farm is yet to come and you won't want to miss it!

July 28, 2012

Blackberry Farm's Farming Implements and Wagons

Being in Illinois, it is no surprise that Blackberry Farm also has a rich collection of farming implements and farm wagons. Enjoy! Next time, we'll look at the recreated Blacksmith Shop.

July 26, 2012

Blackberry Farm's Wagons, Coaches, and Sleighs

The third installment of the carriages at Blackberry Farms in Aurora, IL. So many lovely and different styles of horse-drawn vehicles! And there's still more, check back again!

Mail Wagon
Peddler's Wagon
2 Seat Swell Body Sleigh (Left) & Montreal Sleigh (Right)
Albany Cutter Sleigh


July 24, 2012

Blackberry Farm's Carriages Continued

Another installment looking at the carriages at Blackberry Farms in Aurora, IL. There's still more, so check back again in a couple days. I appreciated the educational signs, I only wish they'd had a book on the subject, filled with photos of all these magnificent treasures. There were so many fitted in the building that it was hard to appreciate the detail of each one. I guess that's a good problem to have. :)

Basket Phaeton

Top Buggy
Hearse Harness
Doctor's Buggy