April 26, 2015

Quabbin Valley Performance Open Live Show 2015

(customized Eberl resin pony)

Had a great time at QVPO with Audrey yesterday. QVPO is an all performance show with some stiff competition. Audrey showed in intermediate and did very well. I posted an album of pictures on my studio Facebook page, so I won't re-post them here. I did manage to finish three new horses to show, including the pony pictured above. I think they need a little more tweaking before any official photo shoots, so that will have to wait until another day.

January 26, 2015

BCS Winter Photo Challenge

One of my earliest customs - created more than 20 years ago!

A selection from my nudist colony.

teeny tiny pony - great big ribbons
teeny tiny pony - great big person

Detail of Matriarch Resin in overo

The story behind the photo demonstrates my passion for performance showing.
I happily waited more than 6 years (I lost track) for Sue to make a saddle to match!
This is the photo I sent to Sue, though she keeps such good records she knew exactly
which bridle I had in mind all along!
This is a Kathleen Moody sculpture of the Moyle breed, a rare breed
that has residual horns on its skull. Most of these have been
customized without them as a Mustang, making them even rarer.

One of my most recognizable and favorite pieces.
A portrait of the portrait of Cerbeo!

I had three Khemosabis in the studio at one time. One was a
custom order in the light grey, one was artist's choice and the third was my
personal copy, so I decided to paint them in the three primary Arab colors.

On a table top!
Isn't that what performance showers are striving for?

The only cookie I've won in performance at NAN.
Maybe someday there will be another...
Want to participate in Jennifer's super fun winter photo challenge - check it out here:

January 11, 2015

Working Girl in Bay Overo

Uptown Girl
Working Girl Resin by Sarah Rose
Customized & Finished by Danielle Feldman
Collection of the Artist

This is one of my most recent models, and she was done almost 2 years ago. Ouch! I branched out and used oils over a basecoat, trying to get a luminous bay. I think I might still tweak her facial marking. She has done well for me in the 2 performance shows I've taken her to since that time, thanks to Anna Kirby's amazing mini tack and Tabletop Studios props.