October 26, 2014


Charcoal Study on Perspective
The above picture was a college assignment to portray perspective. I pulled out the charcoals and whipped this up. I loved using charcoal for assignments for the simple reason that I found them easy (and quick) to work in. I matted and framed it and gave the picture to my grandmother for Christmas at the end of the semester. She hung it above her mantle in a place of honor until her passing last year. My mother and aunts made sure that the picture found it's way back to me as they handled her estate. I think of her often, still miss her, but have faith I will see her again in the next life.

This summer I encouraged the kids to enter some of their arts and crafts in the local Berlin Fair. My daughter insisted that I enter too, and well, this is the only artwork I have framed. I wasn't about to take expensive models to the fair. The kids (and I) were tickled that it earned a first place ribbon.

Perspective is a funny thing. This picture holds sentimental reasons because it was important to my grandma. And it was important to her because of her love for me and I for her. I guess it's time to find this picture a place of honor in my own home.

Polka-dot Pony and Carrot in ceramic by Audrey

Elephant in ceramic by Andy

August 21, 2014

Moving In

So this post is a little behind as we actually moved in May, but I am just now starting to unpack the studio a bit in anticipation of finishing up a couple horses for Bay State Live. Nothing like a live show to motivate me to actually get some horses done! The main reason for this post is I wanted to share the ginormous bags of packing peanuts and rolls of bubble wrap it took to pack the studio! Hopefully the next post will feature some newly finished models...