November 21, 2020

Field of Dolls Online Photo Show

Anne's Field of Dolls online photo show has happily consumed all my free time during the month of November. My original goal was to enter every class (sans saddleseat, I have no saddleseat tack). With the class list for regular performance classes split into OF and AR, plus a fun division, that meant 38 classes. I have never been a big OF performance shower (the CM/AR division kept me busy enough), but before COVID I had decided to attend Breyerfest Live for the first time, so actually had a couple OF performance models. I had a blast pulling out the tack and props. I invested in a new poster backdrop (love the blue sky and fluffy clouds!) and new softbox lights (aaaand am still working on my lighting). 

I decided to try and campaign one horse in every class and chose Hollywood Bling (see above). She is a Victrix resin body by Carol Williams with a Pheonix resin head and neck by Kristina Lucas Francis that I customized many moons ago. I'd never shown her in English before, but I think she looks pretty good! 

I almost took the same route with OF using a Breyer Painted Rugged Lark (see below), but opted instead to go with a more English friendly horse for that division (Breyer Catch Me, now called Therblig). I used a few photos from the Mares in Black Spooktacular event in the fun classes, but that still wasn't enough, so took a bunch more photos of a few more horses. All said and done I ended up with 62 different entries. I did a rough count and realized I'd spent more than 50 hours combined tacking up, tweaking and taking and cropping photos. 

Photo showing is hard. 

But, it is also fun. It takes a special kind of crazy to tack up a harness at midnight. There are some great prizes being offered at this show, which was a HUGE motivator. However, the competition is also fierce. Regardless of the outcome, it was a welcome distraction. Thank you Anne!