March 6, 2021

Pollywog Poll - Which color would you like to win?


Who's getting excited for Why the Chicken Crossed the Road Photo Show?! I know I am!

One lucky person will win a PAINTED POLLYWOG as a door prize! But, I need your help. What color should I paint him??? Please cast your vote in the poll on the Feldman Studio Facebook page

March 5, 2021

Why the Chicken Crossed the Road Photo Show Roster

Why the Chicken Crossed the Road Photo Show 

Door prizes include a PAINTED POLLYWOG, NIB Breyers, medallions, micros, and more!

Miniature prizes for every placing, model-sized rosettes, and MORE!!

Small swag bag for every entrant!

Donations and class sponsors are very welcome.

Entries open April 1st – Entries close June 11th, midnight EDT

Results & Door Prize drawings to be done via live Facebook event – Date & Time TBD

Entry Fee – $30 (USA) or $35 (overseas) – This includes postage to mail your prizes

How to Enter:

- Email the following information to

  Your Name, Email, Name on PayPal (to identify who’s paid), and name on Facebook (to give you access)

- PayPal your entry fee to using goods & services and ensure your mailing address

  is up to date – I will mail your prizes to the address on your PayPal account

- Request access to the Why the Chicken Crossed the Road Photo Show Facebook group

Information and Rules:

- This is a model horse photo show. A model horse of some kind must be in every picture.
   UPDATE: The only exception are 2 classes: Why did the Chicken Cross the Road and Raining Cats and Dogs.
   Your entry for these classes may be chicken, cat and/or dog-themed without a model horse in it. 

- Show is open to all makes, finishes and sizes. Original finish, china, customs, and resins will all show together.

- There is an entry limit of four photos per class per shower. Buy-in’s for $1 per photo available.

- One photo per horse per class. Collages allowed (but not required) in Tell Me a Story class only.

- Halter classes are by breed type. There is no "other breeds or mixed" class. Place your horse in the breed type

  class that you feel best fits. I will not be policing what breeds go in which class, so please do your homework

  and make your best choice. Workmanship / collectability will be taken into account in breed type halter classes.

- Each equine may enter one breed type class (classes 34-43). NaMoPaiMo and Childhood Favorite entries may

  cross-enter other halter classes.

- The show will be held on Facebook and you will be given access to the group once your entry has been

  processed. If you are not on Facebook, you are welcome to have a proxy upload on your behalf. Please email

  me directly if you plan to use a proxy.

- Each class has its own Album (go to Media, then Albums). Upload your picture to the respective album for that

  class and within the description section include: Horse’s Name, Breed & Gender

- Captions, additional information, and documentation can be included in the description or the comments.

- Documentation is highly recommended for performance entries. You can use to create a link for

  your documentation or upload to the designated documentation folder and copy the link from there.

- Realistic backgrounds are not required, but quality (presentation) of photo will be considered. Realistic

  backgrounds may be helpful in performance, as it helps to create the scene.

- Photos may be cropped, straightened, brightened, and adjusted to show the true color of your model. No other

  digital alterations allowed (removing bases, covering flaws, making enhancements, etc. are not allowed).

- Saddleseat may show in the appropriate English class (rail class, trail, etc.).

- Creativity challenge is open to interpretation of the theme. Please keep it in good taste.

- To avoid the appearance of any favoritism, please do not enter models painted or customized by the show

  holder and judge, Danielle Feldman.

- If you have questions about the show, please email me at Please do not use

  Facebook messenger to contact me, as I don’t find it reliable. Also, please be patient if I don’t respond right

  away, I have a busy job. I can’t wait to see all your entries! Come join the fun!!

Class list:

Everything Else Performance

1 Scene

2 Regalia / Costume

3 Pleasure Harness / Fine Harness

4 Working Harness / Combined Driving

5 Parade

6 Showmanship / In-hand performance

7 Other Performance

Western Performance

8 Cutting / Roping

9 Extreme Cowboy

10 Western Gymkhana / Games

11 Western Pattern Class

12 Western Trail (arena, ranch, natural, etc.)

13 Western Rail Class (pleasure, etc.)

14 Other Western

English Performance

15 Hunter / Jumper

16 Cross Country

17 Dressage

18 English Gymkhana / Games

19 English Trail

20 English Rail Class (pleasure, etc.)

21 Other English

Creativity Challenge

22 Why did the chicken cross the road?

23 Raining cats and dogs

24 Time flies when you're having fun

25 Ignorance is bliss

26 It takes two to tango

27 No such thing as a free lunch

28 Can't judge a book by its cover

29 Don't look a gift horse in the mouth

30 Look before you leap

31 Choose Your Own Adventure Idiom

32 Tell me a story (narrative / photo collage)

33 Look what I made!


34 Stock

35 Light

36 Gaited

37 Draft / Cob

38 Pony / Miniature

39 Spanish / Iberian

40 Sport / Carriage

41 Longear / Exotic

42 Foals of all breed types

43 Fantasy / Decorator

44 NaMoPaiMo (official horse, any year) UPDATE: CLASS LIMIT 5 for this class!

45 Childhood favorite

A PDF version of the roster is available HERE

Thank You Riversong Saddlery!

Riversong Saddlery - Miniature Tack by Shannon Granger-Peele hosted a giveaway on Facebook and I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous halter. The attention to detail is immaculate. If you don't have any of Shannon's tack, I suggest you go check her out!

March 4, 2021

Reindeer Games Photo Show 2020

Reindeer Games is a live show gone photo show during the pandemic, but the prizes were no less amazing. Devan Waskiewicz hosted a full classist of OF Halter, OF Performance and CM/AR Performance with some fun winter-themed classes included in the performance division. I had a very successful show and was thrilled with the quality of these gorgeous awards. If you get the chance to enter another of Devan's shows, I highly recommend it!

Happy As A Lark
OF Champion Harness

Happy As A Lark
OF Champion Costume

Happy As A Lark
OF Reserve Champion Scene

Happy As A Lark
OF Reserve Champion Western

Happy As A Lark
OF Overall Performance Champion

OF Champion English

CM/AR Champion Harness

Hollywood Bling
CM/AR Reserve Champion Harness

Hollywood Bling
CM/AR Champion Costume

CM/AR Champion Scene

CM/AR Champion Western

Hollywood Bling
CM/AR Reserve Overall Performance Champion 

March 3, 2021

Hindsight is 2020 Photo Show


Hindsight is 2020 was another super fun show with a super fun class list. Shannon Rodgers put on this show as a benefit for a local shelter. The competition was tough with tons of fabulous and creative entries. I was tickled that my entry for "Unreal" was awarded first place! My prize was a cowboy-themed haversack donated by Lynn Isenbarger. You can never have enough haversacks and I love that the print on this one matched the theme of my entry! Just look at all the fun stickers and prizes. The plastic horsehead will definitely find its way into a photo scene at some point... Thank you Shannon, judges and donors!

Dusty Bottoms
1st place - Unreal
"Model horses often fill the void for the 'real thing'."

March 2, 2021

Winter Fun Photo Show 2020

I am woefully behind in blog posts, but hope to catch up soon! Today's post features my prizes from the Winter Fun Photo Showa themed photo show held by Anna Dobrowolska - Oczko with help of Tamzyn Revolta and Anne Veeneman – van der Weel. My first international showing experience and it was a blast.

The classist consisted of 13 winter-themed prompts and the prizes were outstanding, including 2 unpainted resins by Horse and Bird Studio to a couple of lucky entrants!

I couldn't be happier with my prize package. I love Horse Tender Studio's saddle stands, this one even sports the show logo. I've always loved this NaMoPaiMo medallion, donated by Jennifer Buxton, but didn't have one, bonus I LOVE the color. There was even a tiny sparkly blue halter that fit Bert donated by Annika Feldhoff! Plus, the sweater-wearing pony stickers are so adorable. Thank you to all the donors. So much to love!

I had a handful of placings, which earned me 5th overall. This photo of Bert & Ernie in the Major Meltdown class won second place, as well as a Made Me LOL special award. 

Thank you ladies for a fabulous show! 

Bert & Ernie
Major Meltdown
"Someone is going to have a major meltdown when they see
what the babies have done in the arena!"

March 1, 2021

NaMoPaiMo 2021

This year for NaMoPaiMo I decided to paint my little Amber resin (by David Mayer). She has been sitting unpainted on my shelf for 15 years! And she's little, so I knew there was hope of finishing her in time (unlike my 2019 model, who's still in progress). 

The timing of receiving Dosh and Ducat from my subscription to Maggie Bennett's Monthly Micro Minis was perfect, so they came along for the ride. Squirrel started on our journey, but my plastic glove while sealing messed up his rump, so he got a light sanding and back in primer. February is a short month, after all. 

In the spirit of NaMoPaiMo, I chose a challenge for myself that I felt comfortable tackling. I would paint these 3 using only pan pastels and acrylics in a more limited palette, with the goal of them all being a little different than one another in their final colors. I was not perfect in keeping track, but I wrote down what went on each layer at least in the beginning. I would guess they took 10-12 layers total. 

Layer 1 - base coats

Layer 2 base coats
You can start to see how the Burnt Sienna Tint is more peachy than the foal on the far left,
who did not get any of this color. 

Layer 3
Basecoats getting more saturated.

Layer 4
Start to bring in some darker colors, leaving certain areas lighter. 

Layer 5 or 6 or so

Acrylic washes over pangare areas and blocked in some whites to help visualize.

Several more layers in - Burnt Sienna Shade and Black have been added to the 2 foals on the left. 

More acrylic washes and markings being blocked in. 

The almost finished trio. 
The 2 little fluffers still need some tweaking, but I think my experiment was a success!

Fluffernutter (my official NaMoPaiMo model)

Layer 1 - Yellow Ochre Tint
Layer 2 - Burnt Sienna Tint
Layer 3 - Burnt Sienna Tint
Layer 4 - Burnt Sienna Tint & Burnt Sienna Shade
Layer 5 - Burnt Sienna Shade
Layer 6 - All of the above, plus Burnt Sienna Extra Dark
Later Layers - All of the above, plus Black

Around layer 5 or 6, I did some acrylic washes on her pangare areas. I used a mix of Jo Sonja Opal and Jo Sonja Pale Gold. After the pastel layers were done, I also did some washes which included lots more of the Opal, but mixed with Jo Sonja Brown Earth, Liquitex Burnt Sienna and/or Jo Sonja Skin Tone Base and Liquitex Ivory Black (for the mane and tail). 

Sullivan - the chestnut foal

Layer 1 - Yellow Ochre Tint
Layer 2 - Yellow Ochre Tint & Burnt Sienna Tint
Layer 3 - Yellow Ochre Tint & Burnt Sienna Tint
Layer 4 - Burnt Sienna Shade
Layer 5 - Burnt Sienna Shade
Later Layers - all of the above

Acrylic washes over pangare in Jo Sonja Skin Tone Base and Jo Sonja Unbleached Titanium. The main difference with this one from the other foals is that I didn't use the Burnt Sienna Extra Dark, which kept him lighter and redder than his siblings. 

Gilbert - the dark bay foal

Layer 1 - Yellow Ochre Tint
Layer 2 - Yellow Ochre Tint
Layer 3 - Burnt Sienna Shade
Layer 4 - Burnt Sienna Shade
Layer 5 - Burnt Sienna Shade & Burnt Sienna Extra Dark
Later Layers - all of the above, plus Black

Acrylic washes over pangare of Jo Sonja Unbleached Titanium and Liquitiex Raw Sienna. I also did some acrylic washes using Liquitex Burnt Umber, Jo Sonja Brown Earth and Liquitex Ivory Black (for his points). The biggest difference in his color was the lack of using Burnt Sienna Tint to build up his base, resulting in a little more yellow tone, which I think worked out nicely with his darker bay coat. 

For all of them I used Golden High Flow Titanium White to block in the markings and Jo Sonja Warm White as the final topcoat of white to warm it up and refine the edges a little. I also used the Skin Tone Base mixed with the Warm White to shade the feathers just a touch. For the hooves, I used the Skin Tone Base, sealed with Krylon Matte Spray, drew a few lines with various colored pencils, then did a wash of Skin Tone over the top. That was a little different than I normally do and I like the result enough I'll try it again on larger hooves. 

(thanks to my good friend Lynn for her name!)