March 5, 2021

Why the Chicken Crossed the Road Photo Show Roster

Why the Chicken Crossed the Road Photo Show 

Door prizes include a PAINTED POLLYWOG, NIB Breyers, medallions, micros, and more!

Miniature prizes for every placing, model-sized rosettes, and MORE!!

Small swag bag for every entrant!

Donations and class sponsors are very welcome.

Entries open April 1st – Entries close June 11th, midnight EDT

Results & Door Prize drawings to be done via live Facebook event – Date & Time TBD

Entry Fee – $30 (USA) or $35 (overseas) – This includes postage to mail your prizes

How to Enter:

- Email the following information to

  Your Name, Email, Name on PayPal (to identify who’s paid), and name on Facebook (to give you access)

- PayPal your entry fee to using goods & services and ensure your mailing address

  is up to date – I will mail your prizes to the address on your PayPal account

- Request access to the Why the Chicken Crossed the Road Photo Show Facebook group

Information and Rules:

- This is a model horse photo show. A model horse of some kind must be in every picture.
   UPDATE: The only exception are 2 classes: Why did the Chicken Cross the Road and Raining Cats and Dogs.
   Your entry for these classes may be chicken, cat and/or dog-themed without a model horse in it. 

- Show is open to all makes, finishes and sizes. Original finish, china, customs, and resins will all show together.

- There is an entry limit of four photos per class per shower. Buy-in’s for $1 per photo available.

- One photo per horse per class. Collages allowed (but not required) in Tell Me a Story class only.

- Halter classes are by breed type. There is no "other breeds or mixed" class. Place your horse in the breed type

  class that you feel best fits. I will not be policing what breeds go in which class, so please do your homework

  and make your best choice. Workmanship / collectability will be taken into account in breed type halter classes.

- Each equine may enter one breed type class (classes 34-43). NaMoPaiMo and Childhood Favorite entries may

  cross-enter other halter classes.

- The show will be held on Facebook and you will be given access to the group once your entry has been

  processed. If you are not on Facebook, you are welcome to have a proxy upload on your behalf. Please email

  me directly if you plan to use a proxy.

- Each class has its own Album (go to Media, then Albums). Upload your picture to the respective album for that

  class and within the description section include: Horse’s Name, Breed & Gender

- Captions, additional information, and documentation can be included in the description or the comments.

- Documentation is highly recommended for performance entries. You can use to create a link for

  your documentation or upload to the designated documentation folder and copy the link from there.

- Realistic backgrounds are not required, but quality (presentation) of photo will be considered. Realistic

  backgrounds may be helpful in performance, as it helps to create the scene.

- Photos may be cropped, straightened, brightened, and adjusted to show the true color of your model. No other

  digital alterations allowed (removing bases, covering flaws, making enhancements, etc. are not allowed).

- Saddleseat may show in the appropriate English class (rail class, trail, etc.).

- Creativity challenge is open to interpretation of the theme. Please keep it in good taste.

- To avoid the appearance of any favoritism, please do not enter models painted or customized by the show

  holder and judge, Danielle Feldman.

- If you have questions about the show, please email me at Please do not use

  Facebook messenger to contact me, as I don’t find it reliable. Also, please be patient if I don’t respond right

  away, I have a busy job. I can’t wait to see all your entries! Come join the fun!!

Class list:

Everything Else Performance

1 Scene

2 Regalia / Costume

3 Pleasure Harness / Fine Harness

4 Working Harness / Combined Driving

5 Parade

6 Showmanship / In-hand performance

7 Other Performance

Western Performance

8 Cutting / Roping

9 Extreme Cowboy

10 Western Gymkhana / Games

11 Western Pattern Class

12 Western Trail (arena, ranch, natural, etc.)

13 Western Rail Class (pleasure, etc.)

14 Other Western

English Performance

15 Hunter / Jumper

16 Cross Country

17 Dressage

18 English Gymkhana / Games

19 English Trail

20 English Rail Class (pleasure, etc.)

21 Other English

Creativity Challenge

22 Why did the chicken cross the road?

23 Raining cats and dogs

24 Time flies when you're having fun

25 Ignorance is bliss

26 It takes two to tango

27 No such thing as a free lunch

28 Can't judge a book by its cover

29 Don't look a gift horse in the mouth

30 Look before you leap

31 Choose Your Own Adventure Idiom

32 Tell me a story (narrative / photo collage)

33 Look what I made!


34 Stock

35 Light

36 Gaited

37 Draft / Cob

38 Pony / Miniature

39 Spanish / Iberian

40 Sport / Carriage

41 Longear / Exotic

42 Foals of all breed types

43 Fantasy / Decorator

44 NaMoPaiMo (official horse, any year) UPDATE: CLASS LIMIT 5 for this class!

45 Childhood favorite

A PDF version of the roster is available HERE


  1. I'd love to make a prize donation of stable blanket, saddle pads, or some other accessories! Let me know how I can do that.

    Kathy Wood
    Timber Trails Tack Creations

  2. Thank you Kathy! I sent you a PM on Facebook.