March 2, 2021

Winter Fun Photo Show 2020

I am woefully behind in blog posts, but hope to catch up soon! Today's post features my prizes from the Winter Fun Photo Showa themed photo show held by Anna Dobrowolska - Oczko with help of Tamzyn Revolta and Anne Veeneman – van der Weel. My first international showing experience and it was a blast.

The classist consisted of 13 winter-themed prompts and the prizes were outstanding, including 2 unpainted resins by Horse and Bird Studio to a couple of lucky entrants!

I couldn't be happier with my prize package. I love Horse Tender Studio's saddle stands, this one even sports the show logo. I've always loved this NaMoPaiMo medallion, donated by Jennifer Buxton, but didn't have one, bonus I LOVE the color. There was even a tiny sparkly blue halter that fit Bert donated by Annika Feldhoff! Plus, the sweater-wearing pony stickers are so adorable. Thank you to all the donors. So much to love!

I had a handful of placings, which earned me 5th overall. This photo of Bert & Ernie in the Major Meltdown class won second place, as well as a Made Me LOL special award. 

Thank you ladies for a fabulous show! 

Bert & Ernie
Major Meltdown
"Someone is going to have a major meltdown when they see
what the babies have done in the arena!"

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