April 15, 2010

Future DVDs...

Collection of the Artist

So, now that the next 2 DVDs are being produced, I'm thinking ahead to what else might be of interest to all of you. I do have a handful started that need some additional footage, such as The Art of Detail Painting: Eyes, Hooves and Teeth. This one covers brown, blue, and mixed eyes, shell, dark, and striped hooves, teeth, chestnuts, shoes, and pads. I will then follow up with another detail painting DVD capturing other details, but am not completely sure what to feature - maybe dapples, fleabites, roaning techniques... Ideas? What would you like to see?

Another DVD that has been started is The Art of Customizing: Manes, Tails and Feathers. I may do a couple customizing DVDs as well. The first will be removing and sculpting manes, tails, braided manes and tails, feathers, and using armatures for tails and manes. I also would like to cover twitching an ear, rebuilding an ear, repairing a broken leg and maybe tucking a neck or moving a limb. What would you most like to see?

Some additional colors I thought about are The Art of Pastel: Dun. This would cover all the primitive markings, as well as dappling on a solid horse. Pastels really lend themselves well to duns, grullas, and other dilutes, in my opinion.

And I could do another mixed media DVD, maybe a blue rabicano roan sabino? Or varnish appy? Thoughts? Or would you rather see a compilation of many colors touching on the highlights of each, like champagne, silver bay, roans, etc.

Please feel free to post a comment here, send me an email or add to the discussion thread on facebook. I would love to hear from you!

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