April 16, 2010

Studio Tour

Studio in Malvern, PA

The studio has expanded over time, I added a bookcase this time around. That's a dangerous game to play. If you have shelf space, you will fill it! I did manage to go through my stack of reference magazines before we moved and tore out the pages that were interesting. Of course, now I have a stack of loose magazine pages that need to be sorted and bound in binders...

Other new additions are the indoor/outdoor rug so I don't ruin the carpet and the airbrush compressor I mentioned in an earlier post.

I wish I had more pictures of all the studio spaces I've set up over the years. I have pictures of the "basement studio" in my parent's house, but that would require getting the scanner set up... And I really wish I had a photo of the "corner studio" I set up in my college apartment. I had a private bedroom and found a neat corner desk at Deseret Industries (similar to Good Will).

And I don't think I ever took a good picture of my last studio space in IL, though you can catch glimpses of it when visitors came over here and here.

Studio in Bloomingdale, IL

This little nook of a studio was on the kitchen table in our little apartment. I had the one shelf where I left things out and everything else got packed away each time. Not the most productive time, but I also had a new baby while we lived here.

Studio in Terre Haute, IN
This was a built-in desk that I used and the shelves were great up high. Audrey was a toddler while we lived here and the horses survived. I've since invested in the magnetic tot loks for my IKEA bookshelves now that my second, Andy, is getting older.

Just goes to show that you can make do with whatever space you have available. I'd love to hear comments about how some of you have found creative ideas for making a space suitable.


  1. Where did you get those enclosed cases? I need to find some for my new house :)

  2. The little display case belonged to my great grandmother, but the big ones I get at IKEA - http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/83688210 - they sell the doors seperately. They come in single or double width (the one in the middle is a single width) and they can even wrap around a corner with the special hardware they sell (it's only $5 for the hardware). The doors make them a bit more pricey, but keeps models safe and mostly dust free. And the shelves come in lots of colors. I prefer the white as it lets the models really stand out, well, the painted ones at least. :)

  3. Your new studio looks AMAZING Danielle! I love it!
    Over the years I've gone from tight space, to a full rooms for a studio, and now back to a tight space since we've added one to our family and we both work from home. :) I have a blog post about my tiny studio space here: http://artbydeeann.blogspot.com/2010/03/working-in-tight-spaces.html

    I'll have to invest in some of those bookcases from IKEA. They look great!

    Miss you out here, hope your enjoying your new home. :)

  4. Dee, I saw the blog post about your studio space. Very inventive. I love that you can close it up. Andy is really good at breaking the child safety plastic things...

    Wish you could come visit!

  5. Awesome! Thanks for the info on the cases. I will have to make a trip up to Chicago with the hubby to get some (since stupid StL doesn't have an Ikea... why, I have no idea).

  6. Bring a truck, the boxes are L-O-N-G!

  7. the new studio looks so nice!