September 10, 2023

National Gallery of Ireland

Mainie Jellett's Achill Horses, 1941

Next up on long overdue blog posts, is the National Gallery of Ireland, enjoy!

I love a good Degas, even if I couldn't get a good picture!

Detail of Renoir's Roses

Detail of Monet's Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat


There was an entire room dedicated to Jack B Yeat's work, the younger brother of William Butler Yeats. Yeats is big in Dublin!

A Cavalier's Farewell to His Steed, 1949

Grief, 1951

sorry, missed the name on this one!

Above the Fair, 1946

In Memory of Boucicault and Bianconi, 1937

For the Road, 1951

The Singing Horseman, 1949

There were several other equine and animal-themed works in the museum as well. 

Kavanagh's Carting Seaweed on Sutton Stands, 1895

Bourdon's A Sacrifical Scene, c. 1640

So much going on!

Unknown artist, Entry Into Jerusalem, c. 1475-1500

Unknown artist, Saint George and the Dragon, c. 1400-1450

Unknown artist, Saint Demetrius, late 15th century

Bercham's An Italianate Landscape, c. 1650-70

Why is he riding backward?

van Ruisdael's Cornelis de Graeff with his wife
and sons arriving at Soestdijk, c. 1660

Nicely turned out!

Both's Italian Landscape, c. 1645-50

I love finding longears in these old paintings!

Cuyp's Landscape with a Youth and His Tutor on Horseback, c. 1650-52

Love the hound in this one!

Molenaraer's Peasants Teaching a Dog and Cat to Dance, late 1630s

There were also many Christian-inspired works. These three, in particular, I found very moving. 

Richier's The Virgin, 1530's
carved limestone, the movement in this sculpture as I walked around it was mesmerizing

Detail of Rembrandt's Landscape with the Rest of the Flight into Egypt, 1647

Caravaggio's The Taking of Christ, 1602
So sorry about the glare on this one, it's worth 
Googling it to pull up a good image!

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