September 21, 2023

Lake Como


Our next stop in Italy was a day trip to the foot of the Alps in Lake Como. Not as much equine art to be found in this lakeside resort town, but there was surprisingly so much to see and enjoy! So charming!

Equines spotted on the Como Cathedral!

the cathedral had a really neat collection of art featuring Mary and the Christ child

Impossible to photograph, well but the ceiling and the circular
stained glass window at the end was STUNNING

Stained glass art at its finest!

not sure what this sculpture is, but there's a horse-shaped-object in it, so there ya go

We took the tram up the side of the mountain and explored the charming residences.
The sidewalks between buildings were small and windy. I am amazed we found our way out!
I am completely enamored with their little garden nooks.


also, I want garden gates at my house!

I don't remember what this place was called, and a quick google search came up empty, 
but it was famous because famous people had stayed or visited or something and bonus, it was open to visitors. Each room was decorated and gilded and painted to the hilt!

Personal theater

sigh, I could live there

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  1. We have a Ravensburger puzzle of Lake Como. Seeing all this extra beauty is amazing. Thank you so much for "next best thing!" since I can't be there in person...! Many of your shots would make good puzzles.