September 8, 2023

Book of Kells

From The Collector "The Book of Kells is one of the most famous artefacts in the world. An illuminated manuscript made by Scottish or Irish monks in around 800, the book illustrates the four Gospels of the Christian New Testament with arrestingly beautiful attention to detail."

The Bishop of Meath presented it to Trinity College Dublin for safekeeping in the 1600's and it has been housed in the University's library ever since.

The artistry in the Book of Kells is simply phenomenal, especially given the rudimentary tools and materials they would have used in the 800's. The exhibit does a lovely job of preserving the original tome while sharing many of the images on large reproductions complete with very informative information throughout the exhibit. My iPhone, with the exhibit lighting and curved walls, does not do the images justice. I loved learning about the making of the book, check out the informative text on these!






I find this display of raw materials used to make medieval inks fascinating. Zoom in to the papers to read all about them and which were used in the Book of Kells. 


Not sure I would recommend this book from the gift shop from an anatomy perspective!

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