January 17, 2022

Back in Business


I knocked him over while cleaning up my workspace, he hit the floor, and lost his ears.
After I found the biggest chunks of his ears and cooled down for a minute, I assessed the damage. I opted to work with what I had. I super glued the original ears in place and let that set. Then I dremeled around the seam. This serves two purposes: it blends away any seam and layers epoxy to lend strength to the area. There was a good chunk missing in each year, so I will have to sand down and refind where I tried to recreate that section of the ear. Sigh. I was pretty happy with them before. Sigh. I also heated up his one pastern and moved his leg to make him more stable until I am ready to add pegs. I do not want a repeat!

I couldn't find my magnets and decided my acrylic rods are thicker than I want, so had to order more of each and am now playing the waiting game. Not my morning. Sigh.


  1. Poor kid. These things happen! Hopefully this is as low as it gets. He's looking fantastic and I can already envision tack on him. Your attention to ear angle is really paying off; nothing looks wrong.

    1. Thanks, Sue! I'm letting his ear cure with the epoxy today. Tomorrow is another day!

  2. Oh, no!! I'm sure that was incredibly frustrating!