February 11, 2012

An Artist's Work is Never Done

Brioso Sculpture by Sarah Rose
who may or may not be finished...
Collection of the Artist

The plight of an artist is finding satisfaction with one's own work. I have a dear friend that is always winning with her work, even though it's "not done yet". :) I, too, am guilty of never being finished with some of my work. I find myself wanting to rework or tweak many in my personal collection. Some of them I know are in progress. Others I may want to try something new. As my techniques have changed over the years, I realize that this is part of the journey of being an artist. Self discovery is an ongoing process. The above piece has already been through one revision since his original creation. I think he may find his way back to the painting table again after I complete this recent batch of dapple greys, having learned a thing or two.

As I look to wrap up the commissions that I previously posted about this coming week, this thought of finding satisfaction in a completed piece comes back to me. Will they come together as easily as I envision, or will I find the need to do a little more tweaking? Only time will tell.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful job on this guy, he looks done to me :-)

    I didn't get a chance earlier to congratulate you on your job and new career, btw! I'm glad to see that you are still finding time to paint as well.