February 23, 2012

Nahar in Dapple Grey

 Nahar Resin by Sarah Rose
Painted by Danielle Feldman
Commission 2012

Nahar is such a beautiful sculpture that embodies the characteristics of an Arabian so well. I have had the privilege of painting a few in traditional scale and this is the most recent. The bay tobiano was National Champion Part-Arab in 2004 (sorry for the bad photo, this was before I had a decent camera), then there was the lightly customized light dapple grey and now this fellow in a warm medium dapple grey. I learned alot while painting him. You can see some progress pictures on the blog here. I am pleased with him and think my dapple grey technique improved greatly on this piece.I am still waiting to hear from the owner of the Indian Silver, and will post finished pictures of him soon.

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