February 24, 2012

The Reference Collection - Now Available to Pre-Order

The Reference Collection: Equine Photography for the Artist
Pre-Sale Special - Special introductory pricing offered for a limited time.

This collection is a compilation of photos taken expressly for equine artists. You'll find full body and close up detail shots on a variety of breeds, from drafts to minis. The majority of photos are high resolution, being printable up to 8" x 10". A small sampling of additional photos was included in order to give more variety, but is still very useable for reference.

Photos are copyrighted and may not be uploaded to the internet, but may be printed out for your own personal use. 

Contents include 4 CDs compiled in a multi-disc amaray case, so it will fit in nicely with your collection of instructional DVDs. 

CD#1 - Solid Colors
---320 photos of Bay, Chestnut, Black & Dilute Colors, including Silver Dapple, Perlino, Champagne, and more 

CD#2 - Composite Colors
---295 photos of Grey, Roan, Markings, & Head Studies, including Rabicano Roan, Lacing, Birdcatcher Spots & more 

CD#3 - White Patterns
---299 photos of Pinto & Appaloosa, including Sabino, Varnish Appaloosa, Mixed Patterns & more 

CD#4 - Details
---266 photos of Ears, Eyes, Hooves, Chestnuts, Muzzles, Mottled Skin, Veins, Wrinkles & More 

To place your pre-order, go to http://feldmanstudio.com/store

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