February 4, 2012

DVDs In Stock & Ready to Ship

My next CPA exam is in one week, so forgive me if this is a short post today. Fortunately, the company that reproduces my DVDs worked lickety-split to get them to me and I now have all titles back in stock. You can place an order online here. It will take you right to paypal to make payment on checkout.

For those unfamiliar with my DVDs, I just want to say that I am very proud of them. I work under very hot photo lamps so that the videos are well lit with good color and bought a microphone so that you can hear me well, too. I try to zoom in and work in a way so that you can actually see what I am doing. There are no voice-overs at all. If I didn't get it right, I went back and re-taped it. The video editing was also carefully done, with transitions between segments. They are reproduced by a professional company, meaning each DVD is the same quality. They come in an amaray style case will full-color covers, just like real movies! The instruction itself is presented step-by-step so that you can follow along. I give a list of supplies used in each video, so that you have the same tools and colors available to use if you choose. My instruction can be applied to both plastics and resins, too! Of course, the techniques have been proven in the show ring time and again. My work has earned NAN National Championships in breed and in workmanship many times over.

I hope to create a few more titles before I start at PricewaterhouseCoopers in August. Of course, I have this CPA exam, plus two more to pass before then. As well as classes each semester. If I'm able, I am thinking of a second DVD on customizing, covering flying manes with armatures, head transplants, necks from scratch and other more advanced topics. I'm also cogitating on doing a DVD or 2 on airbrushing. I'm not as proficient with the airbrush as hand painting, but I think they would be helpful to get people started. Another thought was on sculpting from the armature up in clay... Then there is always a host of colors that could be demonstrated in pastels or mixed media: silver dapple, rabicano roan, dapple dun... If you feel so inclined, leave a comment on what you would be most interested in for future DVD releases.

Well, back to studying for me!

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