May 1, 2021

Field of Dolls Online Spring Show Goodies

A pink package can only mean one thing...

Anne Field knows how to host a good show, a really good show. Fun classlist, lots of awesome prizes (that arrive quick!), and a live event to announce the winners. Not going to lie when I say much of what I hope to accomplish with Why the Chicken Crossed the Road Photo Show was inspired by Anne. 

This show was incredibly competitive and I am thrilled to have been in the Top 5 showers (7 if you count Champ and Reserve - which were well deserved by the way - congrats Jennifer Buxton and Kimberly Bleecker!). Anne awarded these based on total points for the top showers, rather than top horses. Thank you Anne and Jackie Rossi for all your hard work judging these classes!

Everyone that entered won a nice door prize. I didn't know I needed a 1:9 scale television until now. Also, those eyeglasses by Hannah Clark are tortoiseshell frames, what?!

Thanks to the judges and donors. Anne's already posted a classist for her fall show, just saying...

Door prize! The pink mailer and treats were donated by Daphne Headley
(bonus I got one in my prize pack, too!) and I believe the miniatures were
mostly from Hannah Clark and Jennifer Buxton.
Not sure about the origin of all the items, but whoever you are, thank you!

Prize pack! Adorable carrying pouch by Larry Nichols,
3D props donated by Anne Field, Handmade by Kari,
Jennifer Buxton and Hannah Clark, stickers from
Kimberly Bleecker and Anne Field,
and charm from Gail Berg. Thank you!


  1. The cookies in your door prize were some that I made years ago when I was thinking on making a miniature bakery. The TV was something I ordered on a prize buying binge!

  2. Quite the pile of loot! I entirely agree about not needing a miniature TV until now -- it looks dashing, if I can say that about TVs. I love the armoured-horse sticker.

  3. Anne - I should have recognized your handiwork on those cookies - they are really nice? Those prize-buying binges are dangerous (but I'm loving it!)

    Sue - I think we all need 1:9 TVs now!

  4. Wow! What great prizes and now I want a TV!! Congrats on your wins!