April 23, 2021

Sweet Onion SheNANigan Results


I love that I have been able to participate in shows that, had they been live shows, would be too far to attend. Sweet Onion SheNANigans hosted by Shana Bobbitt is one such show. Featuring a traditional class list with some fun classes thrown into the mix and a lovely prize pool, I knew this was one I had to enter. I have been trying to take at least a handful of new photos for each show I've entered, so am getting a decent performance photo show string, but this time I was entering halter. I'm still trying to perfect my photos, but they are slowly improving. I was blown away by the results, given the depth of quality in the classes, and am tickled to have earned top point honors in performance bringing home the money rosettes. How cool are these?! So many fun prizes. I am always up for new sacks to pack models in for shows. This one has 2 compartments! Some of the smaller items might end up in the Why the Chicken Crossed the Road prize pool, but those money rosettes are staying with me! Thank you Shana for hosting such a fun event online!

Happy As A Lark
Other Performance Champion
High Point Performance Award

Happy As A Lark
Western Performance Champion

English Performance Champion

Reserve English Performance Champion
Runner-up High Point Performance Award

Reserve Champion Custom Sport Breed