January 20, 2021

Prizes from Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge


Kenzie Williamson hosted the Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge, for which I built an indoor arena wall. I was the lucky recipient to be chosen for this category and my prize package arrived today! Look at all the amazingness! The hand-written card with the barn doors was an especially nice touch! The rosette and saddle stand are both customized with "BRC 2020" - what a cool way to commemorate the event! This was the best possible way to end 2020, a fun community event, building something just for fun. Thank you Kenzie! 


  1. I'm glad you won a set of Notch and Ruffle medallions. Well deserved! <3

  2. Thanks Jennifer for donating these! I especially love the swirly purple. Me thinks it’s too pretty to paint!