June 14, 2011

Let There Be Light!

The long-awaited, lantern-style fences have been finished (well, the one I'm keeping didn't get finished, but I figure that doesn't count). These were incredibly tricky to engineer. I went through a couple different assemblies before it dawned on me how to put them together. First there was getting the columns attached to the walls, then there was getting the lanterns into the columns since I couldn't remove the base without damaging the wire, then how to get the column toppers around the lantern pole. I've always believed that problem-solving is inherent in creativity and this cements it.

Only 3 fences were made in this style - the grey stone (top & bottom), the neutral stucco (above) and a red brick (for me). The grey stone has already found a new home, but the stucco is available for $150, plus postage. All the unsold fences will be getting packed up shortly to make the trip to Connecticut. So speak up now if you want one right away.

The grey stone has alternating finials and lanterns. I have a ton of finials left, but not sure I have the energy to make any more fences...

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