June 15, 2011

In Progress Customs

These are several of the pieces I have been working on lately. I've been posting daily updates of sorts on Facebook of what I've been doing in the studio during my interim time between working and the move. Normally, I would wait until these were completely done and prepped to share, but they are as far as they're going to get before the move. And they will likely wait months after we move until they get any more attention. The one above is a mini Working Girl by Sarah Rose into a hunter-type. She still needs braids.

This is a Carol Williams' Valor resin with a Brigitte Eberl Replay head. Love this guy! The Valor head went on a headless Victrix body, but it's still too scary to share.

Another Working Girl in a western pleasure headset. This one is a trade commission with Holly McFarland. I am so excited to finally get some of Kevin's work!

Another Sarah Rose sculpture, Lonestar, with a new neck and mane/tail. I've been wanting to make a portrait of the horse I had in high school, Bookaboo. Of course, he was not a show horse, so I'm on the fence whether or not to paint this one like Boo or not. The body type is the closest I've seen, so I might go ahead anyway. Boo was a pale grey and I have a Darla Curtis WP doll in lavender I've never even used...

Brigitte Eberl's Lina pony with a new look.

Another Eberl pony, Austri. He will be a child's mount and still needs his braids. Jennifer Buxton has made him a bridle to go with a Parklane saddle. It will be so cute!

Rose's Miss America into a country pleasure type. You might recognize her from the Customizing DVD. I decided to give her a lower tail set and add a forelock.

Eberl's Large Trakehner with a new "do". Gave him a nice cresty neck with braids. I plan to paint him as a leopard Knabstrupper.

And of course, there are a few more that aren't this far along. Most of which will (knock on wood) be featured in the second customizing DVD. It covers all new topics, like head transplants and creating necks from the wire up. It still has a long way to go before it will be ready. My focus now is on finishing up the commissions, hopefully before we move in 2 weeks!


  1. I love them all, but that Valor/Replay piece makes my heart go pitter pat. Amazing!

  2. Man, you've been busy! Gorgeous customs! Want to do my Working Girl? LOL