February 26, 2022

Rebel in the Making - Part 17


I did a little more tweaking this morning with pastels. When I used up the Krylon matte spray can I decided I was done with the pastels. Time is running out and I needed to move on.

I added more grey and black around his eyes and muzzle, as well as ear tips. I think I'll do some more acrylic washes before he's done to help blend in the transitions. I'll try to remember to do the dark skin first next time. That should make it easier to clean up. I just love this sculpture's face!

You can see where the pastels covered up the white markings quite a bit.

So I used the white paint pen to re-outline and re-fill in the white markings. 

Other side. I changed his pattern from the first iteration by adding more white.

Then I spent the day filling in his white markings. I used Golden High Flow Acrylics, introduced by Mel Miller, which she shared during last year's NaMoPaiMo. I have a bottle of titanium white that I mixed in some titan buff to warm it up. What I like about this paint is it is fairly opaque for coverage and is pretty thin so doesn't need to be watered down. 

You can see it is very shiny, but matte spray will knock that back. What this paint is not good for is the "hair by hair" detailing, so the next step will be another layer of a different white paint to cover everything again and do the detailed mapping. First I will let this cure overnight. It is a little gummy and isn't easily sandable without peeling, but I do need to try to smooth out a few areas. My goal for this year's NaMoPaiMo was to work on my white markings. I am fairly happy with the pattern, but the jury is still out on how well they turn out.

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