February 22, 2022

Rebel in the Making - Part 15


Inevitably, on closer inspection after applying pastel, there is a lot of clean-up work. Even trying to remove pastel with a kneaded eraser where I don't want it as I go along, If I hurry at all, it backfires. Also, taking a look with fresh eyes with sunlight makes a world of difference. In the picture above, the dark skin color around his eye is too sloppy for my taste.

I spent all afternoon on Sunday trying to cover and blend in the area around his eyes using acrylic paints. I was waiting on an art supply order to do his white markings so I also started painting his eyes. Not happy with them yet. I think they're too dark and I lost his eye whites somewhere along the way.

Time to move on to markings! I am trying a tip that I saw posted by Kenize Williamson on her Instagram account and in a NaMoPaiMo Facebook post. She drew in her pattern first. I used a light-colored pastel pencil over a layer of Krylon. The white Prismacolor pencil didn't want to stick. 

My supply order arrived early so I could keep going. This tip I saw posted by both Kenzie and Mel Miller and it is a game changer! This Faber Castell paint pen is fantastic for filling in the pattern. It has a decent tip for the edges but will need some refinement with a small paint brush. I want to refine the pattern a little more tonight. Since it is over a layer of sealer, I was able to lift some using a damp q-tip to play around with the pattern a bit. Not sure that it will work 24 hours later, but we'll see. Also, I think he needs more white on his face, and to tone down the red color coming through. Maybe a layer of raw umber...

The other side, also in need of tweaking... 
Happy that progress is being made even if there are a bazillion things I want to fix. 
7 days to go (including today)!!!


  1. Amazing, brilliant!! And you give credit! I so agree with you can't hurry these things. (Yo, not finishing...) I have learned much from your Rebel.

    1. I am really looking forward to seeing your carousel horse, Sue!