January 19, 2011

Muse - Friend or Foe?

 I received an email some time ago from another artist and she commented on how distractions get her going in a million different directions. I think every artist struggles with creativity, invention, and getting stuck behind problems. The muse is a fickle friend it would seem. At times I can lose track of hours zoned in on a project. Other times, I patter around looking for inspiring reference material, surfing the internet, or otherwise wasting precious time that could be better spent creating. Of course, this refers to those rare gems of time I have carved out to work in the studio. So what have I done with the holiday, snow day and sick day that made up the last three days? I got out my power tools and cut wood to make props. Yup. In my defense, I did finish the prepping I had planned to have done for the last few commissions beforehand. But did I work on that exciting new drafter? Nope. These props I have had on the back burner since summer and I got tired of looking at the pile of wood downstairs. I think they're coming along, but it's taken me forever with lots of trial and error. I think I have it down now and I'm making up some extras to offer for sale ... some day ... when the muse strikes again...

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