January 21, 2023

Spotlight: Maria Hjerppe, Swedish Artist, Photographer, Designer

Mariah recently offered these two large, beautiful, photographic collections for artist's reference with photography from many interesting angles and great details: 

Heads, necks, & close-up details and
Unusual angles & dynamic action (Arabian horse edition)

These are printed and shipped through MagCloud. They aren't necessarily cheap, but they are very high quality, large images so the printing cost is not all that unexpected. I'm excited to use them as references for sculpting and painting. I've heard that MagCloud offers discounts occasionally, just saying... 

You can check out pictures on her website of several of the photos included in each book, see the links above.

In her recent newsletter, Mariah shared, "I definitely have plenty of existing material for several more, but I am going to evaluate how these two sell first. I would like to hit a certain number of sales within the next three months, as otherwise it won’t make financial sense for me to keep producing new ones." To be completely transparent, this post is self-serving because I really want Mariah to publish more artist's reference books! She also said, "the next book will most likely be a collection of foal images", so if you haven't yet please go buy her books!

Mariah is also an accomplished artist. I had the privilege of purchasing this lovely pastel painting "Eddie" from Mariah. I really need to get her framed so that I can enjoy her every day. Mariah really captured such an endearing expression on this baby. 

In addition to reference books and flatwork, Mariah also creates medallions, calendars, mugs, clothing, and other fun stuff! Check out her website at 



  1. Checked it out, she takes mesmerizing pictures!

  2. Oh my goodness, her medallions are gorgeous! 😍

    1. Inkr! But so expensive

    2. make sure you are converting to USD! the conversion rate is crazy!

    3. Yeah, my computer said it wanted to be lazy yesterday. I'll try again tho! Thanks! AC

    4. (it wouldn't load completely)

    5. Much cheaper, still can't get any, but it was showing like, in the thousands yesterday.