October 10, 2021

The Nudist Colony and Good Intentions


Like most artists, I have an ever-changing (and ever-growing) collection of unpainted resins. I took this photo earlier this year. Since then some have been sold and even more added. Realistically I will never have time to paint them all. And there are several I do not feel my skills are worthy enough to paint yet (I see you Lucius and Azham). Some of them are in various stages of customizing when I got stalled out. I've definitely gotten picker over the years. I won't just buy an unpainted resin because it's a good deal anymore. I only buy what I love and/or can show in performance (preferably both criteria!).

I signed up for Heather Bullach's dapple grey oil painting workshop that starts later this month. She recommended we work in traditional scale, so I looked over the group and I think I'd like to paint this guy.

He is a model I started many years ago (ten years plus, cough) with a Carol Williams Valor body and a Brigitte Eberl Replay head and neck. He still needs some sculptural tweaking and a full prep job. I'm supposed to bring a basecoated model to the class, which means I have until next Saturday to get him fully prepped. I may have gotten distracted this past week by Anne Field's show and my bathroom demo is a long way from done (next Saturday the drywall is supposed to be going up). I work full-time and we're in the office twice a week now, so there is even less downtime in the evenings (should I have energy at the end of the day). Sometimes working towards a deadline is just the push I need, but more often than not my plans are more ambitious than reality (case in point, see nudist colony pictured above). 

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  1. Nudist Colony!!!!!!!!

    Still giggling. Of all those horses, I have Independence and most of the mini Roses. I'm envying a few. You've made quite an investment.