June 22, 2021

Breyerfest Diorama 2021


 A Horse Affrighted at a Lion by George Stubbs, circa 1788

So, a week until the deadline I decided I NEEDED to enter the Breyerfest diorama contest. I have recreated several models from art in the past, so thought this year's theme of Horses Throughout Art History was calling to me. Now, of course, I also had my little chicken show to judge, so I judged classes while epoxy and paint were drying (I hate to make people wait for anything). There were many early morning and late nights (I also work full-time), and I am really tired, but I did it! While not perfect (I've never done a lion before), I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. 

The contest required the use of artwork that was public domain and I chose a work by George Stubbs, how could I not? There are different variations on this theme of a horse and lion, and I went with this one. The movement and expression of the horse and the lion just emerging from a cave were perfect.

Created using the Breyer Beautiful Breeds Warmblood Ornament (horse)
and Breyer Companion Animal Beagle (lion)

Close-up to match the artwork. 

Full presentation
I loved the idea of it being on a base suitable for museum display. 

A better look at the lion emerging from the cave. 

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