June 12, 2020

Bert & Ernie - 2020 Customs Contest Theme Entry

Bert and Ernie
2020 Breyerfest Customs Contest Theme Entry by Danielle Feldman

This is my first-ever entry for the Breyerfest Customs Contest.
When I learned that the Theme division this year was "Pairs Well Together" I instantly knew
that I was finally going to customize this pair. I've had the idea kicking around in the back
of my mind for quite some time and even had the Breyer bodies for it. From there, the idea grew to
include this scene. Call me crazy, but I've always wanted to make an in-scale tree!

Original models
Breyer Classic QH Foals

First step was to cut and heat the models into position. 

Next step, dremel down the excess plastic and 
insert a stable rod to replace a hoof.

Sculpting in progress. I used sharpie to mark bony landmarks or areas that 
needed to be dremeled down or filled in. Lots of back and forth.

More sculpting in progress with mane and tail armature added. 

Handmade dandelions using laser sheets by Mary Kinloch.
They are time-consuming, but I am hooked!

My husband's and my initials are carved into the tree. ❤

Every leaf was hand stamped and individually glued. I am exhausted!

Sometimes they squabble just like their Sesame Street namesakes.


  1. I love this sooooo much - from the dandelions to Bert and Ernie to the tree. But what makes me smile the absolute most is your initials carved into the tree. That personal touch elevates it and helps me connect beyond the "isn't that beautiful" factor. And isn't art about making personal connections? You got me! :)

  2. I love everything about this! The foals are amazing and the diorama is breathtaking! You deserve a break for all your hard work!