June 26, 2018

Yale University Art Gallery

Detail of A Lion Attacking a Horse

We visited the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, CT over spring break and I was blown away! The diversity and quality of the permanent collection is impressive. I particularly enjoyed seeing the Stubbs painting and Remington bronze in person. Here is a selection of many of the equines I spotted on our visit. If you get the chance to visit, I highly recommend it. The architecture of the building itself is worth making the trip!

A Lion Attacking a Horse
George Stubbs, British (1724 - 1806)
Oil on Canvas

Mule Wearing a Bridle
Greek, 3rd - 2nd century B.C.

Standing Horse & Horse
Greek, 9th - 8th century B.C.

Rearing Horse
Greek, Southern Italian, probably Conasa
4th - 3rd century B.C.
Terracotta with pigment added

Saint GeorgeCircle of Angelos (Akotantos)
Cretan, first half of 15th century
circa 1440
Tempera on wood

Horseman and His Horse at a River
Karel du Jardin, Dutch (1626 - 1678)
Oil on Canvas

Spring Landscape with Donkeys and Goats (The Rabbit-Warren)
Paulus Potter, Dutch (1625 - 1654)
Oil on panel

Detail from Spring Landscape with Donkey and Goats

Detail of The Great Bridge

The Great Bridge
Gustave Courbet, French (1819 - 1877)
Oil on Canvas

Edgar Degas collection

The False Start
Edgar Degas, French (1834 - 1917)
circa 1869-72
Oil on panel

Landscape with an Elegant Hunting Party on a Stag Hunt
Nicolaes Berchem, Dutch (1620 - 1683)
Oil on panel

Detail of Landscape with an Elegant Hunting Party on a Stag Hunt

The Stag Hunt
Philips Wouwerman, Dutch (1619 - 1668)
Oil on copper

Detail of the Stag Hunt

China, Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 C.E.)
early 8th century C.E.
Earthenware with three-color (sancai) glaze

Tang Dynasty Chinese collection

The Wounded Bunkie
Frederic Remington, American (1861 - 1909)

Detail of The Wounded Bunkie

Detail of The Wounded Bunkie

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