January 14, 2018

New Look for a New Year

A Happy belated New Year!

2017 was a busy year with work and family. I had the privilege of being a TA for a couple post-graduate classes at UCONN last spring, in addition to my full-time job as a CPA for a Big 4 Accounting firm here in Hartford. I painted the exterior of our home, which was a huge project that consumed my summer and into fall. We took a couple family vacations to visit family in Utah and a Notre Dame football game. I was asked to be the leader of the girls' youth group at church this past fall, which is ongoing and a new time commitment. And before I knew it, it was 2018! Looking back, I managed to get my 2017 NaMoPaiMo horse base-coated, but no further, and I made it to a couple shows in the Region. 

2018 is already off to a stronger start on the studio front than last year. www.FeldmanStudio.com has gotten a long overdue and much needed facelift. I'll keeping tweaking away at it, especially the view for mobile devices. And I'm thinking about trying to participate in NaMoPaiMo again this year. Who knows, maybe I can even finish last year's horse? 

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