February 24, 2013

The illusive gold cookie

Loreleia at NAN 2004
Infinity Resin by Kathleen Moody
Customized and Painted by Danielle Feldman
Doll by Sheri Wirtz, Tack by Emma Harrison
Dogs, props, scenery by Danielle Feldman

This was my first and only cookie that I've earned in performance. It was my first NAN and the allure of a gold performance cookie keeps me wanting to go back again and again! I just learned that NAN cards from 2011-2012 have been extended, so I might need to see if a trip to Harrisburg might be a possibility after all. (Of course, work and family plans will probably interfere regardless :D).

1 comment:

  1. What a fabulous set up Danielle, it definitely deserved that cookie. Fingers crossed you manage to get along to the show ;)