January 1, 2013

Progress on Panache

Panache was started at an AAEA workshop taught by Kathleen Friedenberg in the summer of 2011 (click on the link to see the blog postings showing his progress at that time). It has been a year and half since I did any work on the sculpture. (never mind the time stamp, my son got a hold of the camera) With a week off work for the holidays, I set up shop at the end of the kitchen table and dabbled a little more on him. There is still much to be done - like his face and ears (which were stuck on last minute for photos) and refining his pasterns, fetlocks and hooves, smoothing, details, and on and on. Still, I'm pretty happy with his progress over the last few days.  Feel free to leave constructive criticism for me in the comments. After busy season at work, I hope to revisit him. Maybe 2013 will be his year? By the way...

Happy New Year!


  1. I really like him! A good, strong working trot that would work for a lot of performance classes.