April 6, 2012

More Historical Portraits

Commission for Private Collection
Customized Lusitano Resin by Brigitte Eberl

After the NAN donations, I was still wildly inspired by the artwork of Johann Georg von Hamilton, that a few more pieces have come to fruition. The Appaloosa above and Perlino below were both customized Eberl resins completed in 2008.
Commission for Private Collection
Customized Mescalero II Resin by Brigitte Eberl
This AA Rearing Andy by Donna Chaney is still unfinished in my cabinet. He is more of a semi-portrait, sporting the historic plaiting of the mane during the period. I think I may finish him in an Appaloosa pattern based off of a painting.

Customized Libretto Resin
Collection of the Artist
This is a lightly customized Libretto resin by Sarah Rose, again with a traditional braided mane with tassels. He is still a part of my personal collection and is dubbed, Johann, in honor of the painter. 

Now this last painting is my inspiration for another leaping AA Andy, similar to Cerbero, who has yet to be started. How many years now has this project been on the back burner??? I guess going on four years now, judging that most of the other pieces here were done in 2008. Here's hoping it doesn't take another four!

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  1. I'm really amazed at your ability to taking paintings that are so stylized and come up with horses that are not only horse-shaped, but realistic looking. When you first started posting the series I was assuming that you'd be doing more HSO than horses (little tiny heads vs. great big bodies), but you've managed to find the common ground between the two styles. And they are drool-worthy to boot! *grin*

    Now I'm wondering what you'd do with some of the Tang Dynasty horses… :)