June 11, 2009

Romeo - Artist Copy Ravenhill

Here is a sneak peek of Romeo, the newly completed Artist Copy Ravenhill. He will be mailed to Stacey early next week and she will be handling his auction. I will post the auction info to my yahoo group, and can post the link here also.

These photos are not that great. I really need to rethink my photo set up. I use a tent and photography daylight bulbs, but can never get the true color and details I'd like. Maybe its the background colors... Hmmm... a discussion for another day.


  1. Nice work! That is such a hard color to do...he looks really nice :-)

  2. Thanks, Carol! I love a nice palomino. :D

  3. It looks good. As for the pictures... have you seen something like this before?


    I was on an airplane and saw it in the skymall magazine and thought it might be helpful.

  4. Thanks for the link, Callie. That actually looks exactly like the photo tent I have. I find that it might actually be too good at diffusing light and doesn't let enough through. My lights are different - I use full size stands with huge blue bulbs. They are so hot that I work up a sweat whenever I use them. I've started using my Daylight and/or Ott light lamps directly (not through the tent) and find they give a nice light also... The new blue paper I bought at Blick's Art Supply last weekend really helps. The greys and tans I used before always made the model look washed out. Probably something to do with the settings on my camera (Nikon Coolpix P4 - it's an 8.1 megapixel point and shoot) and how it adjusts the color balance. Now, maybe if I had a nicer camera...